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Welcome to the Mount of the Cross

Deir el Kamar

"Thousands of people have already visited the Mount of the Cross in Deir El Kamar. They heard from word of mouth the stories of God's providence, the stories of miracles and conversions that occurred in the Lamb of God Shrine and Fr. Yacoub's Church.

The story is a powerful message to all that today, and after 2000 years, we are able to encounter the Lord Jesus in the Holy Scriptures, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and in the Eucharist.
It all started on Christmas 2006."


The Mount of the Cross is the highest mountain in Deir El Kamar.
Fr. Yacoub erected a huge cross on the top of it in 1932. He was the one who opened a road leading to the top of the mountain.

The Mount of the Cross has five things to visit:

  • The Way of the Life to the Full built in 2007
  • The Lamb of God Shrine built in 2007
  • Fr. Yacoub’s Church built by Fr. Yacoub the Cappuccin in 1932, restored in 2008, and dedicated the first church to Fr. Yacoub on June 24, 2008.
  • The Cross built by Fr. Yacoub in 1932
  • Fr. Yacoub’s Way (A trail Fr. Yacoub walked on)

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